The Legend of Pally McStabStab

Strange Things at the Graveyard

A man introduced himself as Brother Keefe the "Overseerer of all the permanent residents of Valhingen Graveyard". The clerics of Kelenivor got reports that one of the residents, Xandria Welltran, was in fact a polymorphed dragon.  We were hesitant at first to help but he offered us 100GP to help.  The initial part of the crypt was trapped with a poison gas mechanism that almost did us in.  The crypt was small but we did in fact find evidence that there was necromancy magic happening down there.  The biggest chamber was infested with zombies that were pretty nasty.  AFter we informed Brother Keefe what we found he told us that he was a member of the Lords Alliance and that The Welcomers may well be involved in this.


Greg_the_Grey Greg_the_Grey

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