The Legend of Pally McStabStab

So we were just about ready to go out and get more info outside of Phaln when a gnome by the name of Rilo Leadstopper shows up at our table.  His daughter had been kidnapped by the Black Fist Guards and thrown in some secret prison.  We felt sorry for the gnome not to mention he gave us 50GP and a fine looking magnifying glass so we took the job.  He led us to the entrance of the prison which was not very large but was definitely not very pleasent.

We were able to sneak into the prison without being seen at first.  The prisoners had to be "persuaded" to keep quite as not to give us away.  One of the the Bard had to knock out which is pretty amazing for a baggy panted flute player like him.  When we went into the second room is when things got interesting.

There were pillars of stone that gave off light and scared the crap out of anyone who got close.  We found the gnomes daughter and was getting her out when a huge slug like creature came at us and we had to start fighting.  Then the guards came in from behind but we got them cornered in the entrance to their room so it wasn't anything that we couldn't handle.

Just when we thought we were in the clear an elf shows up from some group called The Order of the Gauntlet and demands we give her back the gnomes daughter.  after a little persuasion we convince her to take the daughter back to her father but she takes a map that the daughter had hidden away.


Greg_the_Grey Greg_the_Grey

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