The Legend of Pally McStabStab

We all decided to try a different tavern as the kettle was starting to become a little too familiar.  settled on the laughing goblin out by the docks.  Place was a real dive.  A lot of strange people there but the bar keep was a good chap.  Our paladin of course insulted him by using his nickname "Fat-Mar" but the monk soon remedied that with a little friendly banter.  He told us how the lighthouse had gone dark and no one knew quite why.  The town was starting to see some financial trouble because of the lack of shipping.  Just as we were about to leave a group of dock workers burst in and we had to talk them down to avoid an all out brawl.  We agreed to check it out and that seemed to help people not lose their minds.

After some bartering with a local for an interesting ride on the ferry we were able to get to Thorn island where Sokol Keep stands.  The servant Rorin was there waiting for our arrival as he had gotten word from the black fist guards that were stationed there.  Good fellow gave us a key and told us we had the run of the keep.

After some investigating we found Igan Sokol private room.  That's when weird things started happening.  Lamps falling, Books flying from shelves, and other strange phenomenon.  This place definitely had other worldly guests.  Maybe it was them or maybe just dumb luck but we found a journal which had some rambling from Igan that proved very beneficial.

Finally found an entrance to a hidden undergound complex.  After much examination and a dangerous time with some very slippery rocks we made it to a shrine that was to some old god of lore.  We were attacked by a horde of undead that this old evil had brought about and we managed to make it out alive.  Poor Igan was not so lucky as he had also found this vile place and perished.  

Seems something we did was correct as shortly after we returned to the surface the light came back on.  Glad to be rid of this place and all it's strange ways.


Greg_the_Grey Greg_the_Grey

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