The Legend of Pally McStabStab

A Shocking Evening at the Kettle

We were sitting at the Kettle in the middle of talking about what our next move should be when a Half-Orc comes up to our table.  He says his name is Buhrell Cash from yet another group called The Emerald Enclave and starts this wild tale of how everyones life is in danger.  Claimed someone had a powerful magic item that was dangerous.  We thought he was a little bit of a crack pot but humored him and agreed to talk with folks at the inn to see if we could help find it.  

After talking with some guy eating like it was his last meal, a couple old women looking for a good time with our paladin and an aloof dragonborn we finally found our people.  It turned out to be a dwarf and a human.  After a little back and forth all hell broke loose.  Suddenly blue lighting started zapping people in the inn.  After a while they would die but then rise again and move outside the inn in the street looking up at nothing.  We were stumped for a while trying to figure out what this all meant but finally Myrn took the dragontooth and ran with it which stopped the lighting.  


Greg_the_Grey Greg_the_Grey

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