Chapter Two: The Keep

A lighthouse that won't give light becomes the party's last job for the good people of phlan.  House Sokol has run the lighthouse for years but now the keeper has gone missing.  Rumors say that the lighthouse is haunted and that strange things happen all the time but the party boldly takes the challenge to heart.  They will find the cause of the darkness and make the harbor safe again!

Chapter One: The Beginning 

The Moonsea region.  A cold harsh place where local inhabitants fear for their lives everyday from a motley assortment of pirates, bandits and worse.  Always the pawn in someone else's path to power most people who live here just hope to survive until the morning.  But this morning that is about to change as four stout men will have a chance meeting that will thrust them into a struggle of world changing proportions.

The city of Phaln on the northern end of Moonsea is a place inhabited by fishermen and river folk all depending on the Stojanow river for their lively hood.  The town is small and humble with very few offering's.  A general store, a church, a few craftsmen but one thing stands out from all the rest, Madame Freona's Tea Kettle.  The townsfolk have a saying "Everyone ends up seeping at the Kettle".  People come from Thentia to the east and Sorcerer's Isle to the west, all to Phlan and the Kettle so they can hear the local news, gossip and find work.

This is where we find our four adventurers now.  They all made it here by very different paths but the one thing they all knew was if something was to be found the Kettle was where to start.  A man has picked them from all the others to join him at a table where he may talk to them about a pressing matter…..

The Legend of Pally McStabStab

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